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We love cheer and tumble!

Our staff loves cheerleading and tumbling so much they have dedicated their lives, over the past combined 120 years, to perfecting their craft and passing those lessons on to young athletes. We are passionate about using cheerleading and tumbling as vehicles to truly “be the change” we want to see in the world.


Program first, team second, individual third.  Our coaches and athletes strive to develop all aspects of each athletes character.  Athletes learn these traits in both their successes and failures.  We know kids make mistakes, ODT strives to help kids truly learn from their errors just as much if not more than their successes.


Our athletes learn to do what is right even when no one is looking.  Our athletes learn that this is one of the few things in the world that no one can take from you, and the incredible value that holds.


The unique combination of individual responsibility in a team environment teaches our athletes not only how to respect one another but how to respect themselves. In an era where we see depression and anxiety on the rise ODT provides an opportunity to teach our children how to value themselves in ALL circumstances.

why learn from us?

At ODT we strive to create a positive atmosphere for the athletes so that they are at optimal learning capacity. We believe in perfection before progression, we teach through the skill not to the skill. This means that the foundation of each skill needs fine tuning through drills and a deep dive into understanding how drills apply to each skill.


At ODT we focus on the form of our athletes over everything else. We believe that correct form allows for maximum safety and point value on the scoresheets.


Mobility is one of the most important aspects of any athletic endeavor. At ODT we train athletes to understand the importance of range of motion based in full body flexibility.


Every athlete, at any level is required to have a strong foundation of strength. In cheerleading and tumbling athletes need to be strong both physically and mentally.  ODT uses its proprietary curriculum to not only teach the technique of skills but to create the strength to perform them correctly and safely even under the stress of performance.


We believe that developing integral athletic habits starts at an early age; however, whatever age, or developmental level your child is at, ODT’s world caliber coaching will approach training your athlete from a holistic mind body approach.  We believe that athletes who understand the WHY of what they are doing develop into intelligent strong athletes.

life lessons

Life can sometimes be a tricky thing for us to learn about or even teach as parents! At ODT we strive to help your athlete learn to apply the lessons taught in class, to everyday life situations.  ODT partners with our parents to make sure consistent messaging is being delivered to your athlete and provides parent education in useful subjects like internet safety, current trends, self defense, and more.


Our athletes come to us from all over the Portland metroplex. The diversity of contact within peer groups allows for our athletes to act as ambassadors of our value system, wherever they go.  No matter where your athlete attends school they are sure to find someone who is also a part of the ODT family nearby.

be a part of the odt family

The ODT family is made up of amazing parents and athletes just like you.  We are as great as we are because of all the people that make up the wonderful, diverse and talented ODT family.  We have a team, or class for everyone so get started today!

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