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9th in the world Large coed team

ODT has sent teams to the Cheerleading worlds for the past 11 years, receiving 6 PAID bids.  In 2018 Dream placed 9th in the Large Coed Worlds Division. ODT also has 3 teams qualified in 2017-18 for the D2 summit in Orlando Florida.  Your spot is just a few clicks away.

so what is competitive cheer?

Competitive Cheer is a year round sport designed to have something for people of all ages and abilities.  Athletes are placed on teams with athletes of similar age and ability, and compete against other teams from around the country.  Competitive cheer does not involve any actual “Cheering” these days.  Routines are performed to a set time of music and involve stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance.  Our action packed exciting routines get the blood pumping as much for the crowd as they do for the athletes on the mat

be a part of the best

Oregon Dream Teams is the ONLY program in Oregon to consistently offer teams at levels 1 through Worlds 5.  Tryouts are already scheduled for May 18th and 19th.  Get your tryout information TODAY!

Tryout packet

ODT is a no cut program.  We pride ourselves on the ability to find a team for anyone who shares our passion for Cheerleading. Download our tryout packet to get started!

you can find it here!

our tumbling rubric

Use this document to understand our teachings and how we teach our athletes to win at the highest levels.

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