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a league of our own

ODT uses a proprietary curriculum to ensure progression of each athlete at every level.  We have regular classes throughout the week that allow your athlete to focus on a particular set of skills or develop all aspects of their cheerleading and tumbling abilities.

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Cheer and tumbling classes are the best way to get started in this amazing sport or progress your skills to the next level.  Take advantage of our new member unlimited class special today.  Trial spaces are limited so get yours reserved!

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Cheer and tumble

These classes provide athletes with a well rounded approach to training both tumbling, jumps, and group stunting.  These classes are geared toward the newer athlete looking to develop introductory skills in the sport.

basic, intermediate, advanced tumbling

We have strictly tumbling classes for athletes at every level.  Our classes can train an athlete just learning how to forward roll and perform a handstand to athletes performing elite combinations to double twisting skills.  Our staff can train athletes safely and efficiently at EVERY level of progression.

flyer and stunt classes

Athletes wanting to learn to go into the air have a secondary skill set of flexibility, balance and body control that must be learned.  Our flyer classes focus on flexibility and body control.  Our stunt classes pair athletes with some of our high level boys to learn how to partner and group stunt.

keeping it easy for you

Our flexible class structure allows athletes to mix and match classes to achieve their desired results.  Athletes can take all classes with one focus or take a class from each set of disciplines to ensure their personal goals are being met.

not sure where you need to be?

Our amazing, life changing classes are just a few clicks away.  It is ok if you are not sure where to start.  You can schedule a one-on-one tour and evaluation with one of our amazing staff and we will guide you through how to get started and what classes work best!

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plan ahead

Due to the focus on constant progression class sizes are limited.  ODT does not offer drop in classes so make sure you get registered and signed up as soon as possible!